Hi Everyone:  Here is my story.  My name is Lilly.  I will be 1 year old next month and I just came to live with  my foster mom until I get a forever home. 

I lived in a beautiful big, big house with four very lively kids who  loved me but they were jumping and screaming and running around all the time and that made me very nervous. 
I am working on meeting strangers and kids and I have a special bond with my new Mom and love her to cuddle me.  They have another Hav, who is also a female named Mandy.  She has been real sweet about sharing her Mom, but I especially love my big, big foster brother who is a Golden Retriever.  Whenever I get scared I run to him and he comforts me.  I think they told him I needed some comfort and I love him.  My foster sister loves him too and she has been good about sharing her home and her family with me. 

I am not too sure about the Foster human dad yet, but I will let him pet me a little if he asks real nice and approaches me real slow.  So far, I think I've got him trained how I like to be approached.  So, just wanted to let all you nice people out there protecting us little guys how happy I am and waiting for my forever home.  Guess what?  My foster Mom tells me how proud she is of me that I am so smart and house trained and I love to go on walks with them.  I love other doggies, just need a break from all the kids.  

I need a home that is very calm and someone who just loves to go on walks and cuddle.  Thank you all for helping me get that forever home.  My foster Mom told me I have to get "fixed" before I can go to a forever home.  Oh my gosh, I don't know what that means...  I guess I'll be good because I want a forever home.  Love to all,  Lilly, Foster Doggy

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.