bixby_headshotBixby is a 2 ½ year old adorable male Havanese who is now ready for his forever home. Everyone says that his pictures don’t capture how cute he really is. Bixby was a fearful boy when he first came into rescue having spent the first part of his life living mainly in a bedroom and bathroom with little socialization, in addition to having an awful coat.

With training, patience, and a lot of love he is turning into a remarkable dog that never stops wagging his tail, never tires of having his tummy rubbed, and loves having his ears scratched. And he now has a gorgeous coat! The resiliency of the Havanese has worked its magic in helping to transform Bixby to a loving animal. He’s become an expert at giving Havie kisses too. It’s very hard to imagine a happier and more loving dog than Bixby.bixbyheadtilt_resized

He craves attention and affection, and is always eager to please. He’s also a smart boy and very inquisitive. His foster mom says he is adorable when he cocks his head to look at you with this quizzical expression.

Bixby is great with other dogs and loves to play, and is learning his manners with cats. He’s crate trained and is almost housebroken so with consistency he’ll be fine.

Bixby most certainly loves his toys! He plays by tossing them in the air when he’s not walking around with one in his mouth squeaking away. He also loves his bully sticks! He loves belly rubs and kisses and will frequently come to you for snuggles and a lap even if you’re working at a desk.

bixbyapril2010Bixby will need a family who is patient and very understanding, ideally having someone home most of the time, preferably with no children or at least older ones. He’ll need at least one other dog to play with as well. Bixby will also do well with Obedience classes which he’ll love. It would continue his socialization and help to further build his confidence and trust.

Bixby has energy to spare so a family willing to offer lots of walks and letting him exercise with another dog(s) will be important.


Bixby is being fostered in MN

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.