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Please enter a valid email address.
Familiar with accounting, bookkeeping and/or financial record keeping.
Are you a prior airline employee, have airline connections or have frequent flyer miles you're willing to donate to provide transportation to a Havanese?
Experience with or access to commercial printing services.
Willing to arrange and/or assist with educational events such as a booth at a rescue fair or pet expo.
Willing to contact individuals and/or organizations that may donate funds to HRI.
Experience and/or interest in fund raising.
Grant writing experience.
Willing to contact potential donors for items to be auctioned at variou fund raising events.
Meet and assess the behavior of a Havanese using a form detailing a set of criteria.
Familiar with, and willing to visit a home or shelter to determine if a dog is actually a Havanese or Havanese mix.
Please indicate any other breeds you are familiar with.
Willing to visit and assess potential foster and/or adoptive homes and report findings.
Knowledge of inventory practices and record keeping skills. May include data entry.
Lawyer, paralegal or have access to legal contacts.
Willing to contact media outlets (TV/Radio/Newspapers). May involve lost dogs, so may be time sensitive.
Providing support and guidance to new foster homes and/or new adoptive homes via phone or email.
Familiar with packaging and shipping goods and supplies, and/or running an online business.
Processing volunteer and/or adoption applications. Doing reference checks and collecting necessary documents.
Sewing experience, interest in working on the HRI Quilt Project.
Are you a techie or geekie type?
Knowledge of how to arrange and/or coordinate the transport of a dog.
Writing, Editing, Proofreading. May include flyers, newsletters, articles, press releases, etc.
Why are you volunteering for HRI? Please be as specific as possible.
What do you want to do as a volunteer? What do you hope to contribute?
What do you hope to gain, or how do you hope to benefit from becoming a volunteer?
Are you interested in a leadership position (e.g. serving on the board of directors or running a committee)?
Please indicate the approximate number of hours, per week or month, that you can comfortably devote to rescue work.
Please list any other skills or abilities, not mentioned above, that you feel may support the mission of HRI.