Saturday, 24 February 2018

Available for Adoption

Gracie in OH


One-year-old Gracie is small in stature, but big in looks and personality. Super sweet and charming, she endears herself to everybody. She is curious and active, and her playfulness has brought a renewed bounce to the step of the resident senior dog. She loves to go for a walk and jumps up in the chair by the door to get leashed up, yet she is also happy to sit with her foster family when they watch TV or play video games.



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Emes in FL

EMES FL HEADSHOTEmes (a Yiddish word meaning "truth" and pronounced M-S) is a sweet, 11-year-old boy with a kind and loving disposition. He loves belly rubs, snuggling, and being close to his humans.




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Nemo in WA

 Nemo in WA Headshot

Four-year-old Nemo is cuddly and sweet. His ideal spot is right next to you on the couch or on your lap if you give him the okay. (The household cat is a little miffed about that since he thinks he owns his mom’s lap!)








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Mickey in WV

Mickey in WV HeadshotThree-year-old Mickey is the furry little companion you are looking for. He is a sweet, smart and laid-back pup in search of a family to call his own. Scoop him up today and make his day - and yours!

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Ditto and Ricky in NC

It is said thDITTO NC 2017 HEADSHOTat Havanese are like potato chips – you cannot have RICKY NC 2017 HEADSHOTjust one.  Ditto and Ricky agree!  These buddies would love to find a home together.  Don’t miss your chance to scoop up twice as much fun.

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