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Vinnie in NC

  • Published: Tuesday, 24 January 2017 16:24
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SpotL Vinnie in North Carolina Spotlight pic SpotR



Vinnie the nose knows Headshot

Vinnie just turned eight years old at the beginning of January. He is a very handsome black and white gentleman weighing in at almost thirteen pounds.





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Billy in FL

  • Published: Sunday, 22 January 2017 17:47
  • Hits: 5319

Billy in FL 2017 HeadshotDarling Billy is a two-year-old cream-and-grey Havanese. This sweet shy boy came to foster care from a small shelter.


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Harley in MI

  • Published: Monday, 05 January 2015 15:26
  • Hits: 13361

Harley in bowtie For SpotlightTen-year-old Harley has a lot of favorites in this world. His favorite place to be is snuggled up close to his foster family so they can pet him, scratch his ears and SeniorAdvantageIconrub his tummy.

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Blaze in PA

  • Published: Tuesday, 24 January 2017 16:04
  • Hits: 779


BLAZE PA 2017 HEADSHOTEight-year-old Blaze is fairly new to our foster care program. She’s very shy, but is learning how to be brave. She is more easily coaxed from her crate and even has begun greeting her foster mom with a happy tail wag in the morning. Though she still pulls back when she sees a hand, Blaze relaxes now when she's being petted and gives occasional kisses. Though she only allows her foster mom to pick her up, Blaze now will sit next to other people on the sofa and accept some soft ear scratches. She’s a very sweet little gal.specialneedsicon




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Dudley in FL

  • Published: Saturday, 22 October 2016 11:24
  • Hits: 2717

Dudley in FL Santa Hat HeadshotThirteen-year-old Dudley is a sweet, elderly gentleman who loves his people, his bed and his dinner in that order. He likes to play and walk in moderation, but he really takes retirement seriously (Weighing just 14 pounds, he does not need any extra exercise to keep his ideal weight anyway.). He is a wonderful, affectionate companion who gives lots of kisses and is always ready for his belly rubs.



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Bitsy in NC

  • Published: Tuesday, 24 January 2017 16:15
  • Hits: 1331

Bitsy 11 yo cropped

Bitsy is an eleven-year-old, svelte, ten-pound parti-sable girl. She had to have a severe haircut when she came to foster care, but her white, grey and tan coat will be beautiful when it grows in.  Betsy is a svelte 10 pounds. SeniorAdvantageIcon


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Sobie in WA

  • Published: Friday, 10 February 2017 20:18
  • Hits: 1318

Sobie in Washington 1 HeadshotMeet eight-year-old Sobie - a sweet and affectionate girl with a face that is simply irresistible. Sobie is friendly with people, dogs, and cats. She has not spent any time with small children (under 12) since arriving in foster care, but has done well with slightly older children.

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