Sunday, 23 July 2017

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2017 The Secret Lives of Havis

The 2017 Havanese Rescue Quilt Project quilt is called “The Secret Lives of Havis” quilt. The quilt was inspired by the fact that the HCA Specialty Show is to be held in Asheville North Carolina. We decided to go with a fun theme with fall colors or this year’s quilt. Fabrics were chosen from Moda’s collection called “Grunge Collection”. The quilt colors and design are fun and lively as well as dynamic and classy. The quilt measures 60 inches by 78 inches.
Enjoy our fun, silly theme. Be Happy and enjoy our quilt and video that is made for you!

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2017 Havanese Quilters Celebration

Cheers! Our quilt this year is to commemorate 10 years of The Havanese Quilters group. We are pretending to all gather together for a daytime cocktail, say cheers to all of those who have joined us over the years and shared their talents. Cheers to those who have supported our group through time, talent, organization, advertising, ticket sales and financial support!

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