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Adoptable Havanese
Adoptable Havanese
The dogs listed in this section are available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, you must complete an adoption application before you can be considered as a possible candidate.
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Foster Care Area
Foster Care Area
The dogs listed in this section are in, or waiting for, foster care and are not yet available. If you're willing to wait, or to foster, you may still complete an adoption application to be considered as a candidate.
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Surrender or Request Help for a Havanese in Need
Surrender or Request Help for a Havanese in Need
If you need to surrender a Havanese to rescue, or you know of a Havanese that needs rescue assistance, please complete this form. Submissions are monitored seven days a week.
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Applications - Adoption & Volunteer
Applications - Adoption & Volunteer
Becoming a volunteer foster home can increase your chances of adopting, and HRI always needs volunteers to help with other efforts.
Volunteer Registration
Adoption Application
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HRI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entirely supported by your donations. Please consider helping. Every little bit adds up!
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HavToHavIt General Store
HavToHavIt General Store
Another way to support HRI is to enjoy some shopping at our very own store. All profits support our rescue dogs because the store is entirely staffed by our wonderful volunteers.
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Changing Havanese at a a time.


News, Current Events and Items of Special Interest

2014 HRI Online Auction

Auction FlyerSm

2013 Financial Report

Total 2013 Income - $141,888.13

  • $54,550.93 - HavToHavIt Store
  • $22,325.00 - Adoption Donations
  • $45,918.60 - Donations
  • $5,292.82 -  Auction
  • $ 1,609.00  - Calendar
  • $ 7,426.00  - Reception
  • $ 4,641.80  - Quilt Project
  • $    123.98 - Interest        

Total 2013 Expenses - $135,585.67

  • $87,258.79 - Foster Dog Expenses (Vet, grooming, Transportation, Supplies)
  • $ 41,285.01  - Store Purchases & Cost of Fundraising Events
  • $  7,041.87 - Operating Expenses

Calming Canine Music

ThroughADogsEarThunderThe creators of the Through A Dog’s Ear series have collaborated with Victoria Stilwell, star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, and developed the new Canine Noise Phobia Series

Does your dog suffer from a fear of thunderstorms? Does his anxiety level increase when the storm clouds roll in? Thunderstorm phobia is a very common condition among dogs all over the world. The terror that results can be an incredibly distressing, debilitating problem not only for dogs, but also for their owners who feel powerless to help. This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with thunderstorms rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your dog’s fear when exposed to these sounds. When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the behavioral modification protocols included in the CD liner notes, you have an excellent chance of rehabilitating your thunder-phobic dog and preventing thunder-phobia from ever developing in younger dogs.

Other Versions:

Through A Dogs Ear - The Driving Edition

Through A Dogs Ear - Music For The Canine Houshold

Through A Dogs Ear - Noise Phobia-Fireworks

Through A Dogs Ear - Music to Calm Your Canine Vol 1

Through A Dogs Ear - Music to Calm Your Canine Vol 2

Through A Dogs Ear - Music to Calm Your Canine, Vol 3


Changing Havanese at a a time.


Featured Educational Article

Helping a Dog Become Comfortable Being Handled - Part II

Touching Moments

If you’ve gone to a dog training class recently, you may have learned to give your dog the “touch” command. This can work well for our foster dogs from puppy mills.


“Touch” is a command that asks a dog to touch a given item. You begin with your hand. If you put your hand out at the level of your dog’s head, palm towards your dog, your dog will likely touch your hand. When he does this, you pair it with the word, “touch”. If you need to sweeten the deal, put something on your hand that your dog can smell. You can do this as simply as holding one of their treats in your hand momentarily and then putting it away before you offer your hand to your dog. The smell of the treat will remain for your dog who will go to smell it. Cue with “touch” when they do so.


Your foster dog can see your own dog doing this and often imitates without you adding anything else to the instruction. I consistently begin this activity with me sitting in my favorite chair. My foster dog has seen me sit in this chair many times so the only new thing in this exercise is the touch command.

Put your hand out while sitting in your chair or sitting on the floor and say, “touch.” Your dogs will come to touch your hand. Praise with a “yes!” and keep your hand there. If your foster dog looks curious or interested, remain still and resist the temptation to lean closer. Let your foster dog make the decision to touch your hand. It might take many trials before he’s comfortable doing so, but at some point it will happen. When it does, pair it with the word, “touch” and reinforce with “yes.”

The touch command is an opportunity for your foster dog to approach you without any other demands. They don’t have to stand for petting, they don’t need to take a treat from your hand (which is often very difficult for them) and they don’t need to linger. A quick touch of the nose or lick of the tongue is sufficient. It’s an excellent first step for a dog that isn’t comfortable approaching a person.


In time, when your foster dog is comfortable with “touch,” you can expand the behavior to a different setting OR you being in a slightly different position. If you’ve been sitting on the floor, try sitting in a chair and vice versa. Or try squatting down in the same room you’ve been working on touch. Then try it in a different room or outside (though you’ll want to keep your position as close to the same as it was when you first taught the command.) You want to break down the experience into tiny steps, changing only one thing at a time so your foster dog can be successful.


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