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To become a volunteer with Havanese Rescue Inc, you must register on our website.

Please answer all the questions on the registration form. We cannot process your application without all the requested data.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Havanese Rescue Inc!

Click Here for Volunteer Application

Please click here to register as a volunteer.

The application is a two-way tool; it tells us a lot of information about potential adopters and it hopefully makes adopters think about the process of adopting a rescued dog.      

Many Havanese come to us in poor condition, often having such matted coats it's necessary to shave them down. Don't worry, they are Havanese. Here's a typical transformation from shaved to the return of a lovely Havanese look!


Isn't she just adorable!

Here's another transformation from matted mess to handsome honey.


And a most amazing transformation. Buddy (originally Clifford) started out as a scared, matted mess in a shelter. Cleaned up and with his mats shaved off, he went on to become a STAR! You can see Buddy as he is today on this website:  http://thepetlawn.com/


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.