Prior Year Quilts

Greatest Show Quilt

by HRI Quilters

The quilt theme coordinated with the HCA Specialty Show theme, “the greatest show”. The quilt blocks are fun circus dogs and trick dogs. This was a funny quilt to make, as we know the Havanese personality is one of that silly fun dogs that is so typical of our breed. The colors were based on the movie poster for the greatest show.

Feeling Groovy

By The Havanese Quilters

This quilt theme was a fun one! With mid-century modern/hippie designs and set together with a similar style to the iconic Partridge Family Bus, we think it’s pretty groovy!

Derby Quilt

by HRI Quilters

Flowers, Bees and Havanese

by the Havanese Quilters



Sweet Treats

by The HRI Quilters

This quilt is made using black thread with a straight stitch. It is an artsy/free form squiggly line created in a raw appliqué style. Each Havanese face on the quilt is stitched in this manner to create a common theme. Once  we let loose, we loved the freedom of  stitching outside of the lines.

This quilt was inspired by the colorful fabrics that were used to depict different rescue dogs safe in new homes. We loved the idea of using the bright colors and different homes as a theme for the 2019 quilt. What Havanese does not enjoy a happy home and safe landing with their families? We hope that you will enjoy our fun quilt.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.