Available Dogs

Ready to Adopt

Bentley0206Somebody call the talent scout! Bentley is ready for the stage. This darling four-year-old Havanese recently came to his foster home.

Adoption Pending

Luna in FL SmallFace 200Petite Luna weighs a mere 8 pounds.

Adoption Pending

mojo in FL 2019 headshot bandana new photo** Applications are currently closed. We have received multiple good applications, and his new home will be chosen soon. Thank you for your interest in a rescue dog. Hoping we will soon have another possible dog for you. **

Foster to Adopt

Nawlins in NH SmFace200** This dog is in our "Foster-To-Adopt" Program which means he is being fostered by his eventual adopters. He is not available for adoption to the general public.




In Foster Care

Toby in IA

Six-year-old Toby has been described as chronically cheerful. How wonderful is that? He is also sweet, curious, playful and outgoing, making friends with everyone he meets. 

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.