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Coco in NC headshot Coco is a four-year-old silver-tipped female with lots of curls, weighing 14 pounds.





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HeadPlaceHolderHey, my name is Missy and to say that I know the ropes is an understatement! I’m a ten-year-old little girl (so I’m experienced), sixteen pounds, spayed, up to date on my shots and used to being slightly indulged. (I was an only furbaby in my last home). I also have my own bed where I am perfectly happy sleeping.

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HeadPlaceHolderPortia has a white coat with silver ears, collar and belt around her midriff. A svelte nine pounds, she is nine years old.

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Rabbit in VA SmallFaceRabbit is a Russian Bolonka breed rather than a Havanese. He is much like a Havanese - super sweet, non shedding and just wants a lap.

Rabbit has a black coat with white legs—maybe those legs are what earned him his name! He is eight years old and weighs 13 pounds.


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HeadPlaceHolderSparkle, as her name suggests, is a bright, white Havanese. She’s eight years old and weighs 12 pounds.





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Daisy's Daisy0915HeadSurgery Update:

Daisy had a 6 1/2 hours surgery on Monday 9/21. There are 7 screws total and a plate in her leg. Nice and tight.  Plating it will stabilize it so the new bone can heal the fracture.  Her bone is now in good alignment. She has three months of healing and physical therapy ahead of her.

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