Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Havanese Rescue, Inc. 

It takes "a village" to provide a safe haven and secure future for the many Havanese dogs that need us, and we cannot do this without you! So, if you're wondering how I can help, feel free to look over the list below, find your area of expertise, and register on our website. 

What skills are needed to volunteer? 

Some volunteer jobs require no previous skills, some require a little experience, and some require a bit of computer savvy. If there is something that you are proficient in and you think HRI can benefit from your skills, please look into that position or send us an email telling us how you feel you could help! 

You will also find a "Skills Questionnaire" in the HRI Volunteer application process. Although this is not necessary, it is helpful—not only to HRI but also to help you realize what you can do for HRI. 

What is the time commitment to volunteer? 

Depending on the job, there are many different time commitments. Some jobs require a one-time commitment, while others require ongoing commitment. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

How do I register to become a volunteer? 

Visit our Community tab for step-by-step instructions on how to apply to be an HRI Volunteer. You can click the link here to go to that page.

What volunteer opportunities are available? 

Are you interested in—ADMINISTRATION

These roles involve: 

°Creating and maintaining our Database 

°Keeping up to date on our permits, licensing, and insurance 

°Maintaining various records—from dogs to expenses 

°Paying HRI bills 

°Writing policies, procedures, and educational information for HRI volunteers 

Create forms and contracts for Intake and Adoption 

°Serving on Boards and Committees 

Are you interested in—FUNDRAISING? 

These roles involve: 

°Grant research and writing 

°Coordinating the HRI Quilt Fundraiser 

°Quilting squares or selling tickets for the Quilt Fundraiser 

°Coordinating online fundraisers and auctions 

°Procuring donations for auctions and fundraisers 

°Helping staff and/or organize events for the Havanese National Speciality °Promote HRI through advertising on social media and other venues 

Are you interested in—WEBSITE AND GEEK SQUAD? 

These roles involve: 

°Creation and general administration of the HRI site 

°Maintaining and creating online forms 

°Posting educational materials 

°Creation of HRI dog listings on the HRI website and Petfinder 

°Maintaining a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, X, etc. 

°Moderation of IO Groups 

°Problem solving tech issues 

Are you interested in—EDUCATION? 

These roles involve: 

°Writing informative articles 

°Production and distribution of the HRI newsletter 

°Proofreading and editing HRI documents, newsletters, articles, etc. 

°Communicating HRI news to local HCA clubs 

°Availability and experience to counsel regarding dog behavior issues 

°Setting up and tending a booth for HRI at local pet expos and shows °Creating slideshows or videos for YouTube and other educational venues 

Are you interested in—DOG CARE? 

These roles involve: 

°Fostering HRI dogs 

°Helping to transport HRI dogs 

°Advising on dog behavior issues 

°Storing and shipping items for foster dogs, ie-leashes, collars, belly-bands, etc. 

°Assessing and IDing dogs in homes or shelters 

Are you interested in becoming a—FOSTER FAMILY? 

This role involves: 

Provide compassionate and loving care for as long as necessary until the dog has been successfully placed in a new permanent home. 

°Keeping comprehensive dog records and observations about the dog's progress 

°Communicating frequently with the Dog Management Team and State Contact 

Working with the State Contact to assess adoption applications 

°A mid to high level of computer time for filling out forms and updates and regular communication 

Are you interested in becoming a—STATE CONTACT

This role involves: 

°Tracking all dogs in your state from intake to adoption 

°Coordinating the placement and transport of the foster dog 

°Working with and mentoring foster families in your state 

°Helping to coordinate Vet care of the foster dog 

°Responding and processing adoption applications 

°Performing reference checks and home visits 

°Keeping detailed records 

°A reasonably high level of computer time and organization 

Are you interested in joining the—INTAKE COMMITTEE

This role involves: 

°Monitoring the Intake Submission Email 7 days a week 

°Communicating with the Surrendering Party, Intake Committee, Dog 

Management Team, State Contacts, and sometimes the Board 

°Keeping detailed records and strong follow-up 

°Good email and computer skills 

Are you interested in joining the—DOG MANAGEMENT TEAM (DMT)

This role involves: 

°Keeping track of all new dogs coming in and all currently in Foster care 

°Continuous monitoring and updating of adoption status 

Provide photos and write-ups for dog listings to Geek Squad 

°Mentoring and communication with Foster families 

°Determining appropriate adoption fee for each dog 

Are you interested in being a—DOG WRITER

This role involves: 

°Writing dog listings for every dog in Foster care, using the information provided by the Foster family 

Are you interested in becoming a—VET LIAISON? 

This role involves: 

°Researching prices on vet care, medications, grooming 

°Ensuring Vet practices are paid promptly 

°Communicating with the DMT, Vet practices, and foster homes °Processing reimbursements 

Are you interested in—ADDITIONAL WAYS TO HELP? 

Here are some ideas: 

Provide financial support and donations 

°Donating miles for air transport 

°Writing thank you cards to donors 

°Sending get-well cards to ill volunteers 

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.