Fostered in North Carolina

Mae is an approximately 8 year old, spayed, housebroken, 16 pound, crate-trained, Havanese/Cockapoo (?) mix who is current on all of her vaccines.

She is very friendly and likes being part of whatever is going on-walks & tummy scratching are always welcomed! Because of the way she reacts to some hand movements it seems likely that she has been mistreated at some point in her life, so she needs a confident owner who can give her the reassurance she needs that she won't be hurt again.

Mae has a lot to give and would be a super one and only. When she first arrived she didn't seem to know how to play with toys, but she has started carrying them around and every once in a while she will pounce on one.

Mae will also sit up on her hind legs and beg when she wants to be super cute which is not a trick I've taught her! She would really prefer to be with a person or family with kids over 12 where someone was home most of the day because she likes to be around people.

Because she is a small dog she should live to be 14-16 years old.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.