*Adopted*  As soon as Tiffany, a purebred Havanese, came into rescue it was apparent that she was a charmer with an unstoppable personality.

Being eleven years old though we wondered how easy it would be to get her adopted. Well, we now believe that Tiffany holds the record for being on Petfinder for the shortest amount of time of any of our rescues.

Within hours of her appearance on the Petfinder website, two absolutely amazing, wonderful people applied to adopt her. Her age wasn't a deterrent to them at all as their hearts were looking to love and care for a dog in need. These remarkable people drove many hours to pick Tiffany up from our volunteer and have enjoyed every day with her since. This particular family adopted another of our rescues in need of a home several months earlier, so we know that these people truly have the heart and soul of a rescuer.

How proud we are that they are part of our Havanese Rescue Inc. Family. And we thank them for loving two of our dogs as they do.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.