If you judge your best friends according to how they look, then Teddy probably isn't for you. With his Lhasa jaw (undershot) and his bowed front legs, he's no movie star.

But if you want a companion that loves everyone, including other dogs, cats, kids and of course people...then Teddy is your kinda guy! Teddy got the Lhasa looks and the Havanese personality.

Teddy would probably make friends with a goldfish if he had the chance. He's sweet, lovable and affectionate, enjoys walks and going "everywhere" with you - likes to ride in the car - in short, Teddy loves everything and everyone!

He gets straight "A's" on his doggy daycare report card!

Teddy would probably do best in a home with kids and/or at least one other dog. He is active and does best when not alone for long periods.

Teddy is being fostered in Ft. Myers, FL. Please visit our web site and complete an adoption application if you are interested in adopting Teddy.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.