*Adopted*   Magic is one special boy that needs someone to open their hearts and give the precious gift of time. Magic is very shy at first. He needs a dog experienced family that will commit to continuing to work on his obedience training as that is giving him the confidence to blossom fully. He enjoys treats and his training and its a great bonding opportunity.

Magic is only 2 years old, and very playful. He adores and needs the company of other dogs and playing gleefully in a fenced in back yard would be ideal. He loves mud and sand to dig and play in. Magic will keep your yard free from squirrels and other small furries that he delights in chasing, though he equally enjoys sleeping by your feet when you snuggle in with a good book. He is fine with cats inside the house. (No experience with outdoor cats, but he sure does love to chase squirrels!) A quiet home is best but he certainly doesn't mind the hustle and bustle of our happy home.

Magic is crate trained, but we do not use one in his foster home as there is no need. He is non destructive (save for a stray yogurt container he may steal.) Max is housebroken, but expect him to have an adjustment period in his new home. He loves to sleep with his caregiver, and is a constant shadow following you around wherever you go! "Velcro dog" is a good description for this boy. He needs a dog experienced family with a dog brother or sister to play with. He also needs someone ready to spend time with him, helping him gain his confidence through positive training techniques. If you meet these requirements please fill out an application with Havanese Rescue

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.