*ADOPTED*   Hi! My name is Archie and I am approximately one year old. I live in Fort Myers with my new foster mom and dad.- and my four-legged foster sisters -- Annie and Sophie. At first I was a little timid -- but I am getting over that. I still don't like anybody reaching over my head. It scares me and I try to back away. I like to play with Annie and Sophie and so far, I haven't found anything around here that is scary.

I've got to admit, that my foster sisters look a lot different than me, but only because of the hair. Otherwise my foster mom says I am a Havanese through and through. She also says I am going to be really handsome when my hair grows out. But even now, she thinks I am a real cutie. I know that because she tells me all the time.

I only have three good legs, but I get around just fine. My other leg doesn't bend at all. But I still love to "runlikehell." I'm just a little slower than your average Havanese! And I jump on and off the couch -- I pretty much do whatever my foster sisters do, but I am not as fast!

My foster mom is working on getting my x-rays from the orthopedic surgeon that examined me. My old owner worked at the animal shelter so I was cared for by the doctors who volunteered there. The owner told my mom that the doctor said I could have been fixed up when I was a puppy. But we don't know if that means I can't be fixed up now -- or just that it would have been easier when I was younger. She has his name and is going to get the full scoop. My foster mom says that if I am fixable, we're going to do it. Wouldn't it be great fun to be able to run like a regular Havanese?

My other mom turned me in because she said she couldn't house train me. But I have been here almost a week and I only peed twice in the house the first day I was here. But I was a nice puppy 'cuz I peed on the tile both times!

Anyway, I think my foster mom wants me to pee and poop outside. She is always taking me out and "saying go potty" and when I pee or poop she gets very excited and I get lots of hugs -- and a treat! The only thing I don't know about is the bell on the door thing. Oh well, humans are strange and I am sure Annie and Sophie will help me figure it out.

My other mom also said I would pee in my crate every time she left me. Here, my mom feeds me in my crate -- and even I know better than to pee in the same place I eat! So I have been soooo good since I came to my new home. I haven't peed in my crate once!

She also said I would pee on her bed at night. Well, my foster mom lets me sleep in her bed since that is where I am used to sleeping. She puts me on a pillow above her head so she knows when I move. The first night I woke up and got restless about 3a.m. so she took me out. Since then, I sleep through the night and go pee in the morning first thing when she takes me outside!

I like to lay on the couch with my foster mom when she works on her computer, reads or watches TV. I am pretty much a Velcro dog -- wherever she goes, I go, too. But I also like playing with my foster sisters when they get rambunctious!

My foster mom says it is amazing I am so well-behaved because it is obvious no one has ever worked with me. She is teaching me sit, come, and wait right now. But based on all the neat things my foster sisters can do, I am sure I will be learning lots more!

I haven't gone in the car much since I have been here. But I never made a sound in my crate when she brought me home from Clearwater and it was about a 2 1/2 hour drive. My foster mom says I am a "very sweet boy" and shouldn't have any problem finding a forever home -- even with a bad leg. But it would be even better if she could get my leg fixed. And I have already figured out that my mom is a pretty persistent lady so the chances look real good for me to be a normal four-legger some day if it is at all possible!

She thinks I had "sad eyes" when I came here. Sometimes they look real happy though and her goal is to make sure I have "happy eyes" all the time!

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Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.