Perry is approximately 3 years old, housebroken and current on his vaccinations. He was found by the side of the road in Michigan and turned over to Havanese Rescue. We're not sure if he is a Havanese, though he seems to be a hypo-allergenic dog since the foster family isn't having any allergic reactions to Perry.

Perry is about 25lbs, and has the sweetest disposition. He is very much a lap dog and he craves affection, both giving and receiving. He seems to be a very quick learner since he was housebroken within 4 days with no “accidents” since. His obedience training is progressing nicely. He stands quietly for baths and grooming (truly amazing).

Perry gets along very well with other dogs and strangers. Only barks when someone is at the door and occasionally in play with our dog. He is high energy and loves to go on walks, or just be outside. Because he is a high energy dog, he shouldn't be adopted by a family with children under 8 years old.

Perry is being fostered in Michigan. You must fill out an application at to be considered to adopt Perry.

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