HANNAH OH 2016 HEADSHOTThree-month-old Hannah is a charming, outgoing, eager-to-please little girl who loves everyone: her foster parents, her five Havanese “roomies,” the neighbors up and down the street – and everybody loves her right back (except for the older resident Havanese, who find her bounciness a bit too much to take)!                                                                                                                                      FosterToAdoptProgramIcon






Hannah is an intelligent girl and doing great with house training. When she needs to go potty, she makes little whimpering sounds. She sleeps all night in a crate next to her foster mom’s bed and happily stays in her playpen when her foster family is busy or has to leave. Leash training is not going quite so smoothly. She is not fond of wearing a harness and walking on a leash, as she just loves to run - despite her visual impairment.

Hannah’s malformed left eye will need to be removed when she is six months old. But she doesn't care and her disability does not bother her at all! For now, her daily eye care involves cleaning the crusty tears that form under each eye to help prevent infection.

Hannah is looking for her very own special family who understands her special needs for a safe environment in which she can thrive: a loving “Foster-to-Adopt” family with respectful, understanding older children, a home with a fenced yard (Hannah loves to run, and she is fast!) and with another small dog to play with and to learn from. Hannah is easy to love and easy to care for due to her endearing personality, her eagerness to please, her intelligence and her resilience. She will be a wonderful addition to the family lucky enough to adopt her!

HANNAH is being fostered in Ohio.








This dog is in our "Foster To Adopt" program, which means he's being fostered by his eventual adopters. Information on the program may be found by clicking the "Foster To Adopt Icon" above. Participation in this program may increase your chances of adopting a Havanese

















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