*ADOPTED*   Beautiful Sophia is about 12 years old, and most of her past is a mystery – all we know is that she was adopted from a rescue group about two years ago. When she was brought to her new home she was frightened by a much bigger dog. She went to live with another family then who finally turned her into rescue. Why did they give up such a sweet little girl? Theirs was a very busy home with lots of children’s activities and they just didn’t have the time to care for an older dog who needed lots of love and attention.

Sophia is a healthy, quiet, and very sweet little Havie. Like any dog her age, she has a couple of special needs. Her eyes are getting a little cloudy and she gets drops every day to keep them moist. Although she’s housetrained, she has occasional accidents if not taken out every two or three hours. She will be a perfect companion for someone who will pamper her and give her the cuddling and attention she loves so much. She is fine with other Havies or other small dogs but will not be comfortable around bigger and more active dogs or young children.

We’re hoping to find the right home for Sophia somewhere within driving distance of Northern Virginia.

A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any. The application can be found on our website at You will not be considered until we have the completed application.

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