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Eight-year-old YoYo has come a long way since arriving at his foster home in early January:
- Fearful and skittish at first, he is now a happy and very laid-back boy, though still a little shy around strangers.
- He has learned a few basic commands like “come” and “sit.”




yoyo in tx 2017 nose up

- YoYo is now leash trained and likes to take walks although sunbathing, lounging in his bed or crate, hanging out in the backyard and eating still are his favorite activities.

- At 14 pounds, he is at his ideal weight. Well done, YoYo, for having shed some extra weight!

yoyo in tx 2017 on furniture

- He is still working a bit on his house training, but doing well overall.

- He enjoys the company of other dogs and has discovered the joy of playing with plush toys by himself.

YoYo has no health issues. He is obedient and well behaved, a real pleasure to have around. He is also a very handsome boy with a slightly wavy cream-colored coat and tan and grey markings. This sweet and gentle dog will be a wonderful addition to the family lucky enough to adopt him.

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!










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