Pancho In FL HeadShotMy name is Pancho. I am four years old and in strapping good health weighing in at 20 pounds. I like to eat, play, take walks and sleep. I especially like to sleep through the Florida heat.  FosterToAdoptProgramIcon

My mom and dad sold their home and moved into a condo on the beach north of Miami, which is really nice, but we have to take an elevator to get home.I don’t like elevators. Or construction.
There are a lot of contractors and noisy, heavy construction equipment on the property that I had to walk past several times a day to “do my thing”. I don’t like that. No, I don’t like that one bit. So, my folks thought I would be happier in a quieter home because it looks like the construction is going to last a good long while. And they still work, so they are gone when I am the most stressed by all the racket. And they really want me to be happy.
That’s really the only thing that bothers me. I’m a little shy at first and warm slowly, but once I get to know you, you’ll see I am very sweet, loving and friendly. And happy. Did I tell you I like food, too? I do.
People tell me I am beautiful but boys aren’t beautiful! I’m handsome. I have dreamy amber eyes that go with my chocolate nose. My teeth are pure white, too, and match my distinctive pure white coat which is soft, like a cotton ball. I get lots of compliments on it when I come home from the groomer, whom I adore…even though she uses a lot of water.
I don’t really care for water either. I don’t do pools, boats, or beaches. But I like to do everything else. I like to bark at the boats when they go by. My foster mom calls me the harbormaster.
I am crate-trained and travel in the car is fun. I like to bark at the toll-booth tellers. They like it too! I’m also house trained, although I might have an accident if I have to wait too long. But I’ll let you know when I have to go outside. If standing by the door isn’t enough of a tip, I do this really cute yawn with a little squeak after it. My foster mom loves that.
I am friendly towards other dogs, I don’t know about cats. Who really does? But I think I would like to be in a home where my new parents could spoil just me. And if one of them were home a lot, that’d be perfect.
I promise to be good and will make enriching your lives my only job.

Pancho In FL RedSweaterPancho is being fostered in FL.Pancho In FL Laying

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