ICaptKirkt’s time to introduce the adorable Captain Kirk. This happy and healthy 10-year-old who weighs 14 pounds, came to HRI with his brother, Mr. Darcy. The boys are very attached to each other and need to be adopted together.  

Captain Kirk 3Captain Kirk loves the men, women and children he’s met while in foster care. He and his brother would be happy to be part of a family with children over the age of 5. Captain Kirk 2
They enjoy long walks and the opportunity to meet the public whether it’s on a walk, in their own home or at a restaurant.
Captain Kirk enjoys other dogs and is reported to do well with cats. He’s a friendly and sociable guy.
Because he is missing teeth, Captain Kirk eats soft food.
Captain Kirk is fearful of thunder and loud noises.
He’s quite attached to his brother but is always happy to snuggle up on your lap when given the opportunity. You can see this happy guy in action in the video his foster mom took of the boys in the fenced yard in their foster home.Captain Kirk 1
Whoever adopts these darling brothers will get double doses of love!
Mr. Darcy2Captain Kirk 4

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!







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