HeadPlaceHolderGender - Female
Age - 2 years
Weight - 10 lbs.
Special Needs - Needs her person/people home more than not
Housetrained? - Working on this after successful surgery; Taking Rx medication for bladder support
Crate-Trained? - Yes
Leash Trained? - Yes
Traits  - Sassy, Friendly, Good in a car, Enjoys routine, Likes other dogs, Likes older, well-behaved children,Treat-motivated

Sweet, adorable 2-year-old Prairie is available for adoption!Prairie in NC Pillows 07 20 2021 resized

Outgoing and eager to please, Prairie will thrive in a home with a loving person who’ll be around most of the day.

She recently had surgery for ectopic ureter, which was successful. Because of this, however, Prairie is still working on housebreaking, including figuring out when it’s time to go out. She will need patient, consistent training with lots of rewards to help her learn this new skill. Prairie currently is taking a prescription medication for her bladder which should also help with housebreaking.Prairie in NC Steps 07 20 2021 resized

Prairie loves having a routine and anticipates what’s happening next: when it’s mealtime, she hops into her crate, she flies up the stairs when it’s time to go to her foster mom’s home office, and she is on the couch before the family settles down on it.Prairie in NC Staring Face 07 20 2021 Resized

She walks well on a leash but also enjoys chasing squirrels (in a fenced in yard, of course)!!Prairie in NC Head Tilt 07 20 2021 resized

Prairie sleeps through the night in her crate, and eats there as well.

At 10 lbs., Prairie is svelte but also energetic and sassy! 

As she's spent a lot of time in diapers, her body hair will be shaved down as she's slightly matted from that.priarie2 2021 r

Prairie enjoys older, well-behaved children, riding in the car (where she curls up for a nap) and her foster parents' dogs. She eats and sleeps in her crate.Prairie in NC Face 07 20 2021 resizedPrairie is food motivated, which will help her with training. She is ready to find her loving forever family!!priarie4 2021 r

Prairie is being fostered in North Carolina.priarie1 2021 r

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.

  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption.

Thank you for considering a rescue dog!priarie3 2021 r

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