HeadPlaceHolderMeet Eggsy! This guy weighs in at a mere seven pounds, but what he’s lacking in size he makes up for in personality! Eggsy loves to run and play, especially if you throw something he can chase. He adores the little harem of female fur sisters he has in his foster home.  


Eggsy closeLike puppy snuggles? Just pat the couch next to you and he'll be there in a single graceful jump! He loves to sit in your lap, stretch out on your chest and nuzzle your neck. He'll even give kisses because he loves you so much.

Eggsy sleeps well in a crate, but he wormed his way into our hearts and our bed very quickly! He is house-trained, crate-trained and walks so nicely on a loose leash. He's also perfectly relaxed in his crate in the car. Meal time is a snap. He eats it right up, no picky eater here. He truly is a perfect little boy.

Eggsy flew to his new foster-to-adopt home a couple of days ago where he will receive medical treatment for his heart murmur. 







Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.