moose5.jpgFrom what we know, little "Moose" has been blind between 2 and 3 years due to juvenile cataracts. At  approximately 5 years old, this means he's been blind for over half his little life. He has been to the surgeon and his cataracts are operable so we're going to proceed with the surgery.

We will update Moose's information following his surgery. Lets hope this guy does well so he can see the wonderful family we just know is waiting for him at the end of his stay with HRI. Maybe he'll even get a new name. Moose just doesn't seem to fit!

Moose is being fostered in New Jersey.


UPDATE: Moose is schedule for his cataract surgery on Monday, May 12th. Things will be looking up for Moose soon!

UPDATE: Moose is unfortunately a poor candidate for surgery so it has been cancelled. Some super good news: Moose has found his forever home!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.