Age Six
9 Pounds
Is house trained, leash trained, and crate trained
Playful, shy/timid, affectionate, lap pet, gentle
Would be most suited to a quiet environment

We’re pretty sure that Tanner’s face is on the Most Wanted poster for impossibly cute dogs. His foster mom says he also has a loving and downright adorable nature and is a perfect gentleman. Tanner loves being close and is quite a lap dog, happy to keep you warm when the temperatures drop.

Tanner gets along with other dogs as well as cats. He loves his foster mom too. Tanner is unsure of men, but is slowly warming up to his foster dad. He was fine with the male vet who examined him recently. His foster family is working with Tanner to become more comfortable with his foster dad. Though he’s uncertain of men, he has never shown any aggressive behavior.

Tanner is said to be fine with considerate dog-savvy children over the age of 10 but has not had experience with younger children.Tanner in NC 640 937

He is sensitive to sudden or loud noises but settles down quickly. A quiet household will be most comfortable for Tanner.

Tanner seems to go with the flow, according to his foster mom. He interacts with the other dogs, eats and sleeps well and has not had any house training accidents. 

His tail is always wagging.Tanner3

He tolerates grooming and has no issues with you handling his feet, ears or tail. He allows nail trimming too. (What a good boy!) He even is fine with the blow dryer. That’s great since he has a beautiful coat.

Men may need extra time and patience to win over Tanner’s heart. He’s lived a quiet life, but traveling and some outings and adventures, especially with another stable dog, might be a lot of fun for this little happy guy.


If you're already smitten, feel free to complete an application; however, please be aware that our dogs must be in their foster homes for a minimum of two weeks for evaluation. This is for their benefit and yours to help ensure a successful placement in a permanent home.

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any. 

A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption.Tanner4

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