Gender - Male
Age - 2 years
Weight - 17 pounds
Needs training and canine companion

Moonshadow in AZ New Arrival resizedDo you want to be followed by a Moonshadow? There could be some leaping and hopping involved as well. If so, then we may just have the dog for you! This sweet boy loves to be snuggled and seems excited to explore.

Since coming into our care Moonshadow has been neutered and groomed to get ready for his next adventure. He wants to put his best paw forward! Moonshadow loves other dogs and does well with older children and any adult, but he has yet to experience younger children and cats. Favorite activities include kissing his people, leaping in the air with delight and playing with his plush toys. He squeaks them, flips them in the air and chases them, but does not destroy them. Good boy!

MoonshadowRSMoonshadow did not receive a lot of previous training so there is work to be done on that front. He will just need a little patience and consistency. Won't you consider adding this pup to your family?

Moonshadow is currently being fostered in AZ. 



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