Remember Rocky and Cody?  They came into rescue last fall in IN when their elderly owner passed away, and his niece was unable to care for them.  Rocky, at 5 yrs. old was a strong role-model and care-taker for Cody, who was 8 months at that time.

Lucky for them, a great foster home was available to take them and make sure they were healthy before they went to their prospective foster homes.  


Cody was adopted in December by an OR family who adopted another little fellow, Sami, from us several years ago when they lived in AZ.  They waited patiently for a little brother for Sami, and have been delighted to include Cody in their family.  He is still a very shy little fellow, but he’s growing daily in his safe, loving new home.  Cody is the sweet black and silver in his photo.  Sami, of course, is white.

rocky_and_kids.jpgRocky was in one of our foster homes until just recently when the “perfect” forever home was finally found!  He is now part of a big, happy family who says that it feels like he’s been part of them forever!  In the photo, Rocky has the “raccoonish” face.

Thanks to everyone who helped these two settle in to their brand new starts in life!


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.