Willie is a happy dog who seems delighted with the latest turn in his life. He was brought to a shelter with 5 other Havanese Bichon mixes. He was incredibly dirty and matted and was quite thin. He's filled out nicely in foster care.

Willie is still shy about being picked up even though he wants human contact. He quite literally smiles at people, charming everyone he meets. His tail taps a happy rhythm when he greets his family in the morning. Willie loves to look at himself in the mirror. It will be wonderful to watch him transform into a confident as well as a happy little dog.



Willie has been adopted by his foster family, who love him too much to let him out of their sight. He has two Havanese brothers, Tonka and Twist, who enjoy his joyful antics as much as his people do.





Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.