AKA "Billy Bean" ~ a spry, fit 9-year-old that lets you know just what he’s thinking and looks at life through puppy eyes! He found his perfect forever home!   

As you can see, he's adjusting to the Florida lifestyle just great and bonded quickly with his new owner who traveled all the way to PA to pick him up! rollin_for_joy.jpg

Billy goes for car rides and to visit his new grandparents and friends because he has a huge extended family who were all waiting a long time for his arrival!

He's met most of the dogs in his new  neighborhood, but seems to prefer the ones his  his own size or smaller and barks at the bigger dogs. 

Billy's still proving how "young" he is and goes for power walks each evening now that he's adjusted to the heat and humidity. 

billy_sleeps_w_cat.jpgbilly_pillow.jpgHe definitely does let his owner know when he's got something important on his mind... "I've got to "go" - stop the car!" or "I'm really thirsty and want some water!" and "I want to go with you so don't even think about leavin' me!" He's such a talker!

While he and the cats aren't bestest buddies,they do amicably share their space (including the bed).  He's been a little fussy about his food because that cat food smells so much better.  "Even though I can't see it I know it is there!"

Billy's new owner describes him as quite the clown and she thoroughly enjoys him.  Everyone who meets him thinks he's the adorable Havanese Billy knows he is!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.