didi_f.jpgWiggles and kisses from the sweetest little 4 pound black and white  pupster boy on the planet!

It's me ... Didi (which means "Little Brother" in Chinese).  I love to go on walks and those crunchy leaves are so exciting!  I'm eating everything they give me and I even sleep happily in my pen without fussing at night.  Of course my favorite place is a warm lap where I can snuggle and snooze! These little puppy teeth are giving me fits so I'll probably have the typical period of chewiing and teething.

Didi is a typical Havanese puppy - full of energy and getting used to living in a people home.  This 13 week old puppy had more energy and needs than his brand new owner could handle so he's come to HRI for a little socialization before going off to his forever home.

He Is using wee wee pads in his pen and will need to work on house training as he grows. A family with(or without) older children would be fine. Other pets might be ok if they are not overwhelming to a small puppy while he grows.

DiDi is an absolute love and the perfect puppy package.

Certainly he will be someone's little brother real soon.  He'll be learning all sorts of things in his NJ foster home while he's waiting for his perfect forever home.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.