Meet Bear, a 13 month old sweetie. Bear is very shy, but is becoming more sure of himself and less frightened each day.

He is a beautiful boy with a coat of black and white and a stunning set of black ears! He has deep soulful eyes and a very sweet nature.

Bear learns quickly and is housebroken to a pet door. He is looking forward to going to puppy kindergarten soon, where he can play with doggie friends. Bear gets along well with other dogs and loves to play, play, play. He especially loves a game of fetch with his fostermom!


beartx1Bear loves going for walks and is pretty good on a leash. He has learned to wait for his dinner and his treats because he now knows there is enough for everyone.

Bear will be looking for a home that is quiet and not very busy, as he frightens and startles easily. He hopes it will be nearby his fosterhome in Texas!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.