Abby and Max are a sister/brother pair that were released to HRI by the owners. 

Both siblings are very self confident, lively and affectionate.  They are six years old and very bonded to each other so would benefit by being adopted together into the same family. 

Max and Abby get along fine with other dogs.  An adult home or a home with older, considerate children would be ideal for these two.  

 They are funny little characters, begging for attention at every possible moment.  I was surprised by Max "tapping" me on the shoulder when I didn't respond fast enough - he can easily jump four feet straight up in the air!  They would benefit by being adopted into a family that has a fenced yard and someone home the majority of the time, as their favorite pass-time is sitting on someone's lap (both of them together!).  They are going to be a delightful addition to someone's family - that is for sure!

Abby and Max are spayed/neutered, dependably house trained and up to date on shots.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.