russia_in_gaRussia is a spayed 4yr old Havanese that is very generous with her kisses, at least with women so far!


She's shown a bit of apprehension with men but is sure to get over that quickly.

Her foster brothers have been showing off to her and they're all beginning to play together now. Russia found the big wooden toy bowl and likes the squeaky toys the best.

She's had a couple of accidents, but when taken outdoors, she "goes" and with a lot of praise Russia will master that in no time.. She also didn't know how to do stairs, but is learning quickly.

She\s a bit on the chunky side for her frame at 12 pounds but by getting her to play in the backyard and going up and down the stairs she should trim right down.

Russia is being fostered in Georgia where she'll be introduced to leash walking and socialization of all kinds!

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.