lucyfl_faceLucy is a 7 year old black and white parti colored with the silvering gene.  She's a precious girl who was a breeding mom for her first 7 years. When the breeder decided to euthanize her since she was no longer of use a kind, older woman stepped in to adopt her. Lucy's pottying habits on the carpet proved too much for the woman and despite her love for Lucy she felt it better that she find a home where they would have better luck teaching her to potty outdoors.


She is now thriving in her foster home, gets along great with the other dogs (puppies and adults), enjoys warm laps to sit on, toys to play with, and is pottying outside like a champ. We think the potty issue might be only with carpet and rugs and this foster home has neither!

She's very sweet and blends in very well. She'll find a nook to sleep in when she's tired, and when Lucy is given attention she gets very excited and can't contain her enthusiasm.

Lucy is 11 pounds of love and energy. She is perfectly healthy and should live a long, healthy life. She's missing some teeth but has a great appetite and can chew her food with no problem. She is really doing well being free in her foster home without being confined to a crate at any time.

She will be a joy to the lucky family that will be privileged to have her, and her only needs are love, play and attention. And of course a home that is tiled or all wood floors!

Lucy is being fostered in Florida.lucyfl


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.