sadie_faceSadie is a 14 month, bundle of love, energy, playfulness and sweet as they come. Eight pounds of pure love, black & white with a BIG brown patch on her rear. She is lively and funny with a propensity to shred any and all papers within her reach. She is learning to go in and out of the dog door but likes the individual attention she receives when she barks to go in or out.
 sadiefaceLife dealt Sadie a bad hand at birth, she was born with underdeveloped kidneys, a hernia and ectoptic ureters outside of her bladder.

Her family was unable to deal with her health issues and the long term cost, and she was surrendered to HRI. 

HRI was able to provide Sadie with the surgery to reattach her ureters to her bladder, fix the hernia and she was spayed, all at once! You couldn't find a braver, spunkier, more "bounce right back" kind of girl!  Her kidneys are working fine, which means that part of the surgery was successful. She will require a special diet and should also do well with a special medication to help her with incontinence.

She may be tiny, but she eats well, and has the personality of a young cheerleader. Lots of get up and go, give me your best shot, and I'll be back with something better attitude!

She does favor her knees which the surgeon thinks will need surgery in the future, and she will require frequent urine checks to catch infections early. Sadie hopes that there is a family out there somewhere, that can overlook her disabilities and provide her with a home full of love because she has more that enough of that to share!sadie_in_co_clean

Sadie is being fostered in CO. sadie_2_copy

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.