cookie_headshot After being in foster care for the last few months to guarantee her health and well being, Cookie is now ready to find her true home. She's 9-months old, weighs 16 lbs, is 22” long and 14” tall, and ready to love someone unconditionally.

cookie_in_yardCookie is feisty, but in a comical way, with her ability to dance and prance for both attention and affection. She has come a long way from being afraid of human contact to now embracing life with energy, a sassy attitude, and a snuggly nature. She will wake you by gently licking your eyelids to tell you she’s ready to play. Potty training is still a work in progress, however, she will use a training pad when the foster family is not paying enough attention and then announce that she has “done her business” by barking about her accomplishment. She's also a pro at using the new doggy-door that her foster dad installed recently.

Cookie is great around adults, kids, and other dogs, regardless of gender. Cookie is used to being in a pack and will need a home with another playful dog and fenced yard. She's not much on traveling, so she'll need to find a home not too far away from her foster home in the Atlanta area.

Cookie’s ready to “rock” if you’re ready to “roll”…! There is no chance of disappointment with this little girl.

Here's video of Cookie experiencing her first snow with foster brothers, Buddy, Clyde, and Hunter.

Here's another video of HRI's sweet Cookie "Monster"

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.