chacha_websiteCha-cha is 3 years old and is a petite girl weighing 8.5 pounds.  She spent her life in a puppy mill. Never knowing a soft bed or a warm lap to snuggle in. She spent her days and nights indoors, never able to venture outside.


chachaweb1Like many dogs from a mill, Cha-Cha is startled by quick movements, loud noises and people bending over her.  She will happily take treats from visitors, as long as they get down to her level.

She craves attention from people and loves to be on your lap and near you.  She will follow you everywhere dancing and prancing as she has the most adorable movement.  She loves to be talked to and loves her back and ears rubbed.



cha-cha_web2Her coat is in rough shape right now as producing litter after litter and receiving poor nutrition takes its toll on the body.  Cha-Cha is working on her house training and walking on a leash. She is crated trained, she is up to date on shots, has been spayed, and had her teeth cleaned.




cha-cha_web3Cha-Cha is being fostered in Minnesota.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.