holly_sm_faceHolly is an 11.8 pound 2 year old Havanese that was freed from a puppy mill and surrendered to HRI recently. She probably needs to put on a little weight and she dearly LOVES her treats so this is sure to help!  Holly does have long legs to go with this beautiful face!.   She has the spunk and good nature of the typical Havie already, and is one of those "in your face" and give me some good loving kind of gals. 

holly_the_raccoonHer markings are spectacular, and her face is one you can't forget, she is an adorable little girl. When her hair is grown out, it looks like someone dropped a washcloth on top of her head. She did get a grooming and cleaned up since arriving at her fosterhome, and will be stunning when her hair grows out again.

Holly wants nothing more than to have your full attention and smother your face with kisses. In fact, her foster mom says that Holly would like to have a dog to play with her and keep her company, but she is very happy snuggling with the 2 legged kind.  She is simply a sweet, sweet girl and a gentle soul.  Holly has been spayed and had a dental done while in foster care. She has learned to navigate stairs quite well, and seems to have a bit of mountain goat in her ~ she can jump and leap like one!  Holly probably would do very well in agility and her foster mom thinks she might do very well as a therapy dog also!hollycleanedup

She is currently mastering the abc's of housetraining and now doing very well with it. She does have a bit of separation anxiety that is slowly dissipating. All she needs is attention, loving, and a secure forever home of her own, one that is committed in continuing to work with her and help give her the confidence she needs.  Holly’s wish list in a forever home is to also have at least one person home most of the day.   She is doing well in a crate at night and sleeps throughout.  In fact, she easily goes in to her crate without a fuss (lamb treats are a good incentive!).  If someone is looking for a dog to possibly train in agility, and a love bug, Holly is your girl!

Holly is being fostered in IL.

Watch a video of Holly asking for her forever home.


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.