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This was Ashton at only 8 months old. His owner kept him in a crate constantly. He was brought to the emergency clinic with urine scald over half his body, a fractured leg and an ulcerated eye. He had been starved. Animal abuse charges were filed against the owner and Ashton was slated to be euthanized if rescue would not take him.

Ashton needed immediate surgery on his eye to prevent it from rupturing. It was completely successful. Ashton not only kept his eye, but regained his sight.

His broken leg had started to heal and the orthopedic specialist felt it would not be useful to cast Ashton. Instead he was prescribed crate rest.

With food, water, love and medical care, Ashton made amazing progress. In little more than 4 months, he was ready for adoption where he lives with his loving mom and a canine brother.

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.