President's Message

Dear Friends of Havanese Rescue,

This letter is a plea - a very real and genuine one. We desperately need your help in our foster care program. We continue to receive dogs in unprecedented numbers.

Very soon we will be at a terrible place in the history of our organization - a place that brings more dread than I can express. We will have to turn away needy Havanese, any needy Havanese - whether an owner-turn-in, one rescued from a mill or one reported in a shelter. When there is nowhere to place a dog there is nothing we can do.

This past month has been a busier one than ever and we once again saw our foster families rise to the challenge. But that help came at a cost. We are almost completely out of foster homes. Over this past weekend alone we were asked to take an additional five dogs. While these dogs have been accepted into HRI, we haven't yet placed them in their foster homes. That is going to take work - lots of it - to find enough places for these five. And then there will be next week and beyond.

Foster parents are our heart. Without them we simply CANNOT exist!

Please look into your hearts and homes. See if you can find some room for a little dog. Having done this job many times, I can attest to the happiness that comes from taking in a needy dog, giving comfort, love, better health, and a chance for a better forever life. You can actually see their gratefulness, the new bounce in their step, and the "smiles" on their faces. For your reward you receive bushels of love, countless doggie kisses, and the very pure joy that comes from having helped a helpless soul.

Keeping a hopeful heart,
Stacy DeJoseph

P.S. To register as a foster home, please visit or indicate your willingness to foster by checking the appropriate box on the adoption application.


From Down and Out to Wags and Riches!
Life is improving at a rapid rate for seven dogs that recently journeyed from commercial breeding facilities to foster homes with HRI . What were very recently dirty, matted and smelly dogs — fearful and hungry — are rapidly becoming dogs that wag their tails, give kisses and enjoy going for walks.

Their short stories...

willy.jpgSkip, now known as Willie, spends his nights sleeping in a real bed! He just can't get over his good fortune. He's filling out (all the dogs were very thin) so much he already had to have a new harness. Although still a bit hand shy, Willie is a little love, and will make someone a wonderful furever dog, if his foster family can actually let him go!

fritz.jpgLittle Man, renamed Fritz, has discovered the joy of living with a family. Fritz experienced his first warm bath while in foster care. Though initially frightened and a little shocked by it all, he soon relaxed into the wonderful warm massage that started to remove the years of filth in his coat. He's since had several baths as well as some dental work. He now has pearly whites and his coat is soft and white as well. Though still shy, Fritz is adjusting well to changes brought to him when he became part of HRI's family. He will be a wonderful addition to the right family.

chase.jpgFred, with the fancy new moniker, Chase, is a very curious guy who loves exploring "his" new yard. He is also very proud of himself for mastering the stairs in his foster home. He probably never saw stairs before! Chase has a spiffy new haircut and looks adorable. Another possible candidate for agility, his foster mom says, "Chasing toys down the hallway he will jump straight in the air on all fours about three times and be down the hallway. He keeps a smile on my face all day."

Duffy has been groomed to show how handsome he is and is coming along nicely with socialization. At a recent gathering held at his foster home he enjoyed the attention of several guests, including some children. Duffy is still shy, but his foster family is working with him each day to overcome his rough start in life.
Beasly adjusted quickly to his foster family. He's quite a daddy's boy, snuggling on the lap of his foster dad and watching TV at night. He had to learn it's not okay to start playing in the middle of the night when you're sleeping on the bed with your foster parents and the foster canines, but he's learned to go back to sleep despite the temptation to share his joy at one a.m. Toys, boys, a yard to play in and love and attention have Beasly declaring this is the best time of his life. We are delighted to give him a wonderful start on a happy forever.oreo.jpg

Oreo has been adopted by an HRI volunteer. His new mom has waited "just for him" for quite some time. His first HRI foster family helped Oreo learn that people can be trusted. This quiet little dog learned how happy life can be when you share it with people. Along with many hugs and kisses, Oreo will begin training as an agility dog. Good luck on the courses, Oreo!

casper.jpgCasper, who arrived with the funny name of White Shoes, is really starting to blossom. Currently in foster care with a professional dog trainer, Casper spends his days watching other dogs learn to obey their humans. He meets new people each day and is beginning to enjoy all the attention he gets. His favorite activity though, is playing with his foster sister and the other dogs in the training classes he's "auditing."

To read more about these lucky dogs, and other rescue dogs waiting for adoption, please visit us at:


The 2008 Havanese Rescue QUILTS!'s Quilts! There are three this year.

The first quilt "Havanese Make My World Go Round" was completed by the HRI Quilt Project Group. Many beautiful carousels have animals rather than horses, so the Havanese is depicted in two different poses as a Carousel Animal. Other squares show Havs doing the endearing things they do to "make our worlds go round!" This quilt is dedicated to Susan A. Nelson.


Quilt two is the Havanese Forum Quilt. This quilt was created and donated to HRI by members of the Havanese Forum:

HRI is especially grateful to the talented members of the forum for their hard work and generosity. This is a beautiful quilt!


Finally, we have a beautiful wall hanging, made for HRI by Pat Limburg, a supporter of Havanese Rescue. The wall hanging, also based on the Carousel Havanese Theme, is called Havanese Delight. This quilt is dedicated to Rosalie Leone.



Featured Rescue
Einstein is a peanut-sized pup with a lot of personality.


At only seven pounds, Einstein is one of the "flying Havanese" able to leap high onto the arm and back of sofa. If you happen to sit down on that sofa, he's happy to settle himself around your neck to sleep. Einstein also loves to "fly" around the backyard, chasing his Havanese foster brother.

Einstein came to HRI after he was left at animal control after his human mom died. He's very shy with men, though this is improving. Einstein is rather hand-shy and is watchful of feet. He loves attention and thinks a lap is the perfect place to fall asleep and will snuggle in quite close.

Einstein lists his favorite hobbies as - ear rubs, lap time snoozes, dog treats, playing with his Havanese brother, chasing cats and digging holes in the garden. Attempts to convince him that cats are not for chasing have been unsuccessful. In his forever home, it is best if a cat doesn't have to put up with Einstein's love of the chase. Preferred placement for Einstein would be in an adult home with a single woman, or one with a gentle and patient man who's willing to give Einstein time to adjust might work out also.

Einstein is being fostered in southeastern WI. It would be preferable for his adoptive family to meet him prior to placement, particularly if there is an adoptive dad involved.


As the number of rescued Havanese continues to increase weekly, HRI is in need of foster homes. If you can help, please register at our volunteer web site:

If you can't volunteer, please consider making a donation:



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HRI has grown to the point where it's no longer feasible for one individual to do all the necessary changes to our three web sites. The HRI Technology Committee (affectionately known as the Geek Squad), was created to ensure the continuation of the HRI web sites as member volunteers come and go. With this in mind, the web sites have all been converted to Joomla, a content management system that permits a number of people to edit information on the websites.

The Geek Squad is still in its infancy, and they are learning as they go. A list of the basic tasks and skills that are desirable for members of this committee are listed below.

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Keep in mind that it is not a prerequisite that a person have knowledge of all aspects of Geek Squad knowhow. Teleconference tutorials are conducted for new members and help with questions is always happily provided. Additional volunteers for the committee are always needed. If you have an interest in helping HRI with its "behind the scenes" technological structure, please contact the committee at:
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