You can't pick up a paper, sit down at the computer, or turn on the television these days without hearing about it — troubles with our ECONOMY! It's affected almost every family in our country in some way. HRI is seeing the sad results of this economic instability in the increasing number of families contacting us to help them with their dogs. We've heard from folks who have special-needs dogs who can’t afford their pet’s medical bills, families where a stay-at-home person has to go back to work and can't be home for a dog suffering from separation anxiety, and even from people who can't afford to feed both their families and their dogs. Stress has crept into the lives of even the most patient of us!

As deeply saddened as we are for the innocent dogs and their suffering families, we are always looking for ways to reassure those families who reach out to us that surrendering their dogs is really a final gift to their animal. They are released from the responsibility that weighs heavy on their minds, and we accept that responsibility with dedicated commitment — often not knowing what our next step will be!

I'll admit that even in the early stages of my presidency, I have times when I question my motives for adding such a major obligation to my life.

Then…this morning I opened a box sent by one of our terrific volunteers. Crazy as it was, when I opened it, I started to giggle with joy like a toddler on her birthday. Who knew that a box of homemade belly bands could lift the fog and be the sunshine I needed to start another day?

I encourage all of you to look for the "box of belly bands" in your life that reminds you of the simple things that bring you joy and brings sunshine to your life. HRI does that for me each day, if I remember to look.

~ Jane Hohne

P.S. Our "terrific volunteer" would not take the credit for today’s special surprise. She admitted that a friend of hers, another Hav lover, made those belly bands and donated them to HRI. Thank you both for bringing the sunshine to me today.


Announcing the grand opening of HRI's HavToHavIt General Store on October 13th!  An exciting and eclectic mix of gifts for pets and people.


What's in store for shoppers?

  • Doggie gear & clothing
  • Jewelry and sweet remembrances for you & your pets
  • Doggie treats & toys
  • Unique pet stationery, paperweights & bookmarks
  • T-shirts
  • Frames & soaps
  • Exclusive Havanese & HRI items

Everything for you, your friends and family, your pet and much, much more. Very unique gift items, reasonably priced and beautifullly made. Shop early and often, pay via Paypal. New gift ideas are always being added, many pieces one-of-a-kind. The holidays are rapidly approaching. Check out the store via the HRI website, left side, gray box, scroll down to Rescue Gifts and Goodies, or use this link See for yourself why we named it the Hav to Hav it General Store. And, as always, many thanks for your support of HRI!

~ Stacy DeJoseph, Shopkeeper



Do I have your attention? Okay, who doesn't love a rich, dark, luscious chocolate cake? Perhaps you're more of a maple smoked salmon kinda girl or guy! Maybe fresh croissants from San Francisco are your cup of tea. Here's the challenge. The Calendar Committee is working hard trying to sell these fantastic calendars that showcase your pet(s) and, of course, benefit Havanese Rescue.  I wracked my brain, which is no easy feat, to figure out how I can get sales movin', so to speak.

But, first the calendar. This is such a great deal! The 2009 Havanese Rescue Calendar is $20. That's 12 months of cuteness! The cost per pet photo is $10 and, when you order a calendar with a photo or photos, it's cost is reduced to $18. Imagine the possibilities....calendarphoto.png

  • Pet birthdays or anniversaries
  • Litter gifts for your puppy owners
  • Gotcha days for your sweet rescue pupster
  • A tribute to our pets who wait at the Rainbow Bridge
  • Gift all the pet people in your life and surprise them with an image of their special pets

Please follow this link, download and complete the form, then send it to Bonnie G. Davis, Havanese Rescue, Inc. 203 Buck Toe Hills Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348.

Now for the chocolate, or gourmet food part. Anyone who mails their calendar order to Bonnie on or before midnight on October 31, 2008, will be entered in a drawing to win $100 worth of food from Williams Sonoma. Every calendar entered counts as an entry, as does each photo. I can tell you from experience, and my waistline, that this food is amazing--only the finest ingredients, a beautiful presentation, and always delicious.

The drawing will occur in mid-November, just in time for the holiday season. So, let's make this a win/win for the dogs and our bellies.

Your Calendar Committee... for the dogs


Ready, Set, Bid....An Interview with HRI Annual Auction Maven Laura (Lo) Cascino

Interviewer:  Laura, can you tell us a bit about the history of the auction?

Laura:  The first auction to benefit our lovely Havanese was held in 2001 as an experiment. I was hopelessly in love with my two Havanese (Shadow and Kidget), and having just learned the basics of setting up a website, I wanted to put my skills to use; what better way than to bring my friends together doing something fun while raising funds for Havanese in need? Actually, I believe that our auction was the first of its kind in the Hav community.

Interviewer:  How much money have the auctions raised?

Laura:  The first auction site had a few pages of items up for bid and we raised $3,400.  In 2007, with over 100 items on the site, we raised over $10,000. The grand total for auctions thus far is just over $49,000. It's exciting to know that we'll reach the $50,000 level this year. It is all due to the amazing, continued support of Havanese owners and lovers everywhere.

Interviewer:  Can you tell us a bit about the sorts of items that are typically available?hriauctionitem2.jpg

Laura:  Over the years we have featured vacation stays in Lake Tahoe and Vermont and every imaginable type of item, from dog clothes, treats and toys, to books, music, clothing, artwork, holiday giftware, jewelry, magazine subscriptions, handbags, children's toys, candles, frames, quilts and more. Many of the items are handmade by the donors.

Interviewer:  Why not make this an eBay auction?

Laura:  I would rather do it myself — my time and the web hosting are my donation, and I love doing it. Our dogs receive every penny of the money raised, rather than having to share some with eBay. Also, it's more fun for the bidders because we get to 'chat' as they bid - it brings more of a sense of community and a personal connection to the event that you just can't get on eBay.

Interviewer:  Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Laura:  As long as I'm able and for as long as folks will continue making their donations and coming to our auction to place their bids, the fall auction will continue to bring us together to raise money for our beloved Havanese.

Interviewer:  From all of us at HRI and each and every one of our sweet rescue dogs, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment and hard work, Laura. In each and every way, you epitomize the meaning of a Havanese Angel.

The 8th Annual Online Auction for HRI

  • When:   Check out items as they arrive daily
    Bidding begins: 12:00 noon EST, Saturday November 1, 2008
    Bidding ends:  3:00 pm EST, Saturday, November 8, 2008


to Raise Funds for Three Great Causes

Rose Perez so loved working on the Independent Havanese Club's first auction in 2006 that she's back and chairing their next auction, to be held October 18-26. The first auction, with 114 items, raised over $4,000 for three causes—Havanese Rescue, the IHC's "Mira-cle" fund to support members who need assistance with canine medical expenses, and funds to benefit Havanese in Cuba.

For the latter, the need is especially critical this year. Two hurricanes have caused extensive damage, creating vulnerabilities in the food supply. As Rose explained, "They don't make kibble over there, so the dogs are fed meat not used for human consumption. The Cuban government has allowed an organization of 30 breeders to purchase this meat, which they buy, freeze, and then use as needed. With the damage done to Cuba's agriculture, there probably won't be enough food within the next few months."guidoprint.jpg

The club is well on its way to meeting its donation goals, and is hoping that the unique items they've received thus far will be irresistible to bidders. There's a beautiful sterling silver Havanese charm filled with Cubic Zirconium, as well as a leather Havanese "diaper bag" embroidered with a Havanese and waiting to be personalized. Inside are food and water bowls and a blanket — perfect for traveling!

A portion of the proceeds from this auction helps support Havanese Rescue Inc. However, most funds this year will go to benefit Havanese in Cuba. In another twist, a link will be set up to donate funds to the International Red Cross, earmarked for future Cuban relief efforts. "People can donate money regardless of whether or not they win an item," said Rose. "Or, they can choose to round up their payments for items they've won and donate that way. Every dollar helps!"

Thank you, Independent Havanese Club, for your generous contribution through this auction to support the work of Havanese Rescue Inc and help many Havanese in need.

Go here to get your holiday shopping off to a great start.

~ Lori Brostrom



Isabella Sparkles Like a Jewel

A more sparkly puppy would be hard to find! Five month old Isabella is charming and delightful. This is a girl who thinks life is a party. She loves meeting people and is quite sure there are no strangers in this world. She thinks playing with her foster siblings is wonderful and needs another small dog in her forever family. Collecting toys, stealing socks, sleeping under the covers now that the weather is cooler and absconding with abandoned shoes...all are Isabella's hobbies!

Isabella has been with HRI for over a month. She came to us after suffering an accident in her first home. Unable to afford the complicated surgery that was necessary to repair the damage, her family made the difficult decision to give her up to rescue. Isabella came through the surgery beautifully and shows no signs that she ever was injured. The doctors are very pleased with her progress.

Isabella is very smart and would do well in a training class or a tricks class. She loves to learn and is quite pleased when she makes a person happy and hears she's a good dog. Isabella is doing extremely well in her house training. She's quite active and much attuned to people. Isabella needs an adult family with no children under the age of 10, that is interested in giving her a "job" of some sort such as being a therapy dog or perhaps she could participate in rally or obedience. A family with prior experience and commitment to such activity is being sought.
Sometimes this busy girl even sleeps!

Applicants interested in adopting Isabella should complete an adoption application. Sharing your anticipated plans for training and involvement of Isabella in a given activity such as obedience, rally, pet therapy or education is appreciated.

Isabella is being fostered in Virginia.

Lu Wyland



Charming Tucker, featured in our August Adoption Corner, is still looking for his forever family. Please take a minute to read about this delightful little guy here.

HRI is in need of foster homes. We are now averaging six dogs per month coming into rescue. If you can help, please register at our volunteer website.

If you can't volunteer, please consider making a donation:


HavToHavIt General Store
Adoption Application
How Your Donations Are Used
From A Dog's Point of View
Lost Pet Assistance
Havanese Rescue Quilt Project



Havanese Club of America


Independent Havanese Club

Capital Havanese Club


Cascade Havanese Club

Delaware Valley Havanese Club

The Greater New York Havanese Club

Havanese Club of Southern California

Lone Star Havanese Club



It's me, George, AKA Blaze! It's been a month since I arrived in my forever home and I am livin' la vida loca!! I've gained a pound which Mom says is from the snacks she gives me. I just looooove snacks. Every time we travel I get to eat Arby's roast beef. Yummy!

My new vet says I am a healthy boy but I am still having a few problems with ear mites – I hate that.  Mom says I am a momma's boy because I don't like her out of my sight and Dad thinks I am funny and calls me his little guy! I like my sister Sheiks. She has kinda taken to me. I can hardly wait to visit Chicago where my doggie cousin Jacy lives. He says there are lots of dog parks to play in just a short walk away and a great group of pupster friends that he meets each morning.

Now for my home life.... I get to sleep in a big bed with Sheiks and Mom and Dad, and it is so nice!  Mom can't get over how good I am and so smart, too! I just found out that every Halloween all the dogs in my community compete in a costume contest that benefits Animal Haven Shelter for Dogs. Every year but one, our family has won the costume contest and the only reason they lost that one was because they registered a bit late. But Mom said that was okay because the money goes to a good cause.  Mom and Dad and Uncle Rob and Aunt Kristen do a lot for dogs, especially Aunt Kristen--she is really neat! But, I gotta ask for your help here. Please keep your paws crossed that I don't have to wear something frilly and pink like a ballerina costume!

Well, it's time for Mom and Dad to come home from work and I have to take my position at the front door! Love to everybody!!!



Happy Halloween to Everyone
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