MaggieSmFaceMaggie is a medium size girl, 16.6 pounds, and a young 7+year-old! A happy, adoring, and cuddly girl who would love to be your one and only. Generously affectionate, she is Miss Congeniality, making friends with everyone she meets and has never met a lap she didn't enjoy lounging on. She loves being touched, petted and snuggled. And tummy rubs are her favorite pastime!

Maggie1Maggie is a very good girl with a sweet soul, gifted with a silken creamy coat, lovely long eyelashes, and an adorable face.  Routine grooming is easy because she loves to be touched...followed by a treat of course!  Well-trained on loose leash walking, she heels well and doesn't tug on the leash. Mellow Maggie is calm and reluctant to run...however she is quite capable of jumping up on a high bed and likes to nap on the very top of a sofa.

Maggie’s table manners are impeccable, she never begs for food or vies for attention. A passionate collector of squeaky toys, she enjoys arranging her treasures around her food bowl.  Chasing a squeaky ball is a favorite game she enjoys playing alone or with you.

Maggie is joyful and outgoing and makes friends easily.  She is a conversationalist who enjoys "talking" and "telling" you how she feels. She will gently "speak up" when she needs to go outside. She travels easily wearing a car safety harness and is a well-mannered little lady when visiting neighboring homes. She is easy in the company of other dogs but will campaign for the most attention.

Maggie happily takes thyroid pills twice daily to maintain her good health.  Her thyroid medication is inexpensive and the prescription can be refilled at discount store pharmacies. She is healthy and had attentive vet checkups and dental care.Maggie2

Maggie is a devoted companion, ideal for seniors, those living alone or a family with older children, and she is happiest when she is close to her people.  She would make a great therapy dog. 

Maggie is being fostered in WA.Maggie4


A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!



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