JazzyNewSmFaceJazzy crossed to the Rainbow Bridge at the ripe old age of 17 years, 7 moths. She added immeasurable joy to their little pack and will be missed by her family. Run free, Snazzy Jazzy.



Jazzy is a 10-year-old, adorable, sweet little girl weighing eight pounds. She has adapted quite well to her foster home, learning to maneuver stairs, and following a routine with the rest of the resident pack.JazzyNew2


JazzyNew1Jazzy is very affectionate with her foster mom and dad and loves to play games of "keep away the socks" with them. She can be very comical and is happiest when curled up next to (or on top of) whomever looks the most comfortable at the moment. We can see her fitting in with an older person who needs a Velcro companion...

Jazzy's coat is beginning to grow back, her eyes are clear, her little gait is lively, and she is gaining confidence each day.
She is very patient with her baths and is very happy to bury her face in blankets, towels, couch cushions, or whatever soft fabric she can find to "help" us dry her off.

Some things we've discovered: Jazzy does not like thunder (wearing the HRI donated Thundershirt does help, though), she loves apple slices, she doesn't care for kibble, she loves Wellness Senior Formula canned food, she loves raw beef stew meat and ground beef, which have been introduced very slowly. She's not too interested in toys, but that may change...she does like "socks" if she's in the mood. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her appetite - she is the first to alert everyone when it is breakfast time!

Jazzy was fostered in South Carolina.  Jazzy4

The recommended donation amount for this dog is reduced because the dog is a senior and is eligible for our Senior Advantage Program. A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!

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