DaisySmFaceSadly, Daisy went to the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2016.  She was lucky enough to find a wonderful forever home at the age of 10, but lived with her family for only a little more than two years before passing away from heart failure.  As Daisy ran up the grassy hill, it looked more like she was hopping than running.... She reached her destination with her tongue hanging out, looked over at her foster mom, and smiled!  She took a drink of water, walked over and would lie down in a shady spot by her foster mom’s feet.  So content, little Miss Daisy couldn’t be happier! 




Daisy was a healthy, Golden Havanese. At ten years of age, she weighed 12 lbs. She was mild-mannered and got along well with her two foster dog brothers, a rescued Havanese and a Yorkshire Terrier. Daisy had a brief encounter with a cat through a window, but had no reaction towards the cat.

Daisy in Maryland - sitting on the law - photo 3 - resized

Daisy enjoyed being cuddled by the girls in her foster family, who were eight and sixteen years old at the time she was fostered. She would get excited when it was time to walk to the bus stop and see the children.

Daisy delighted in her daily walks with her dog brothers and even knew to sit when her leash was being clipped on. She did a great job adjusting to using a leash and looked forward to going out, whether it was for a long walk or to go potty. Daisy learned that her crate was her house and enjoyed being in there. 

Daisy in Maryland - laying on lawn

Daisy was a quick learner and she had to learn to go up and down stairs without assistance. She liked the soft training treats and within a day was using the stairs regularly! Daisy understood what treats were about, so when the bag was taken out of the cabinet she would be the first one up on her hind legs doing a little dance for the treat. It was amazing to see how long she could “stand” when she knew a treat was coming!

Smart little Daisy quickly adapted to her new foster home and became one of the family. Daisy was affectionate and, typical of the Havanese breed, loved being with her human companions. 

Daisy in Maryland - sitting on the lawn - cropped

Daisy was an easy going, beautiful little delight that adapted easily in a home full of love and affection and frequent belly rubs!

Daisy needed a home where someone is home most of the day. She did well as an only dog or with another doggie pal. She was great with respectful children over the age of seven. 


Daisy was fostered and loved in MD.



Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.