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Eight FosterToAdoptProgramIconyear old Abby is 11 pounds of sweetness and happiness, says her foster-to-adopt mom. Abby treasures small toys and loves carrying them around with her. When she's especially happy, she has a funny little "smile" that she shares with her family.





Abby is leash trained and enjoys her daily walks. She's house trained and crate trained. Abby also knows quite a few commands and comes when called, sits, lies down, dances and will shake your hand! She also plays fetch. She fancies herself a watch dog and barks at times but stops when asked. She greets her family with high pitched barks of glee when they return home after being out.

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Abby gets along with dogs overall. She shares a couch or bed without much difficulty, but lets them know with a growl if they're giving her unwanted attention and getting in her space. She is not good with cats.



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While Abby loves her toys, she loves being with people even more. She's happiest when snuggling and getting some attention. She wants for her future a home where she has an abundance of love, attention and good times with her people, other dogs with whom she gets along, and good food. (You've got to have good food in your bowl)!

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Abby is being fostered in Northern California.

This dog is in our "Foster To Adopt" program, which means he's being fostered by his eventual adopters. Information on the program may be found by clicking the "Foster To Adopt Icon" above. Participation in this program may increase your chances of adopting a Havanese.

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