SeniorAdvantageIconBebe HeadShot 2Eleven-year-old Bebe has made it her business to entertain her foster mom since arriving in her foster home several weeks ago. She weighs in at 14.3 pounds, most of that personality and charm! She took a little while to adjust when she first came to rescue, as she was confused after her owner died. Once she settled in, however, Bebe made herself at home.


Bebe loves to cuddle with her foster mom. She also must have read somewhere that a darling Havanese should really be your shadow, because she follows her foster mom everywhere.

Never one to be bored, Bebe looks around for ways to entertain herself. She likes to open cupboards and check out whatever is in boxes and baskets. She likes to check out the refrigerator whenever the door is opened too (and wishes she had opposable thumbs and a little more height so she could open that door on her own!). Bebe is very enterprising and once cleared all the hand towels on a low Bebe towels 2shelf in a closet so she could make a little nest for herself. She’d like you to know she’d have slept quite well, too, if her foster mom hadn’t taken a picture of her handiwork and disturbed her. Oh well; Bebe can take a good nap almost anywhere and made good use of a doggie bed instead.

In addition to a natural curiosity, Bebe likes to take short walks, enjoys playing with other small dogs when she’s in the mood and loves her dental chews. She’ll even chase her own tail once in a while just to make the people around her smile.

Bebe used a piddle pad for all of her life until she came to rescue so she’s working on learning to potty outside. She thinks grass feels quite unnatural so she’s been known to do her business on the sidewalk instead. She continues to work on her house training with her foster mom. Bebe walks well on a leash. She needs a fenced yard.

Bebe has a number of health problems that are controlled with medication and diet. She takes Bebe sleeping with abandon 2thyroid medication twice daily. She also takes medication for 7 days a month to prevent crystals from forming in her urine. She also needs a prescription diet to help her with allergies. She cannot use any topical flea treatments because of skin allergies and needs to take oral preventative instead. Bebe needs blood work and urinalysis every 6-12 months to monitor her health.

Bebe would love a forever family of her own. She would be fine as an only dog, but also would be happy to have a small buddy dog. (She asks that no big dogs apply). Bebe enjoys the company of older children over the age of 12, but Bebe happy girl 2younger children are overwhelming for her. Someone who is home much of the day is important for Bebe, who thrives on human companionship. Her family should also be prepared to continue Bebe’s medication, lab testing and prescription diet. The family fortunate enough to adopt Bebe will be paid many times over by her love, devotion and delightful ways.

 Bebe is being fostered in Florida.

The recommended donation amount for this dog is reduced because the dog is a senior and is eligible for our Senior Advantage Program.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog! 










Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.