DUDLEY FL 2017 HEADSHOT ADJUSTEDThirteen-year-old Dudley is a sweet, elderly gentleman who loves his people, his bed and his dinner in that order. He likes to play and walk in moderation, but he really takes retirement seriously (Weighing just 14 pounds, he does not need any extra exercise to keep his ideal weight anyway.). He is a wonderful, affectionate companion who gives lots of kisses and is always ready for his belly rubs.




Dudley1Dudley has some separation anxiety when his person leaves so he would do best in a home where someone is there most of the time. He is eager to learn and to please.

Although blind and deaf, he has no problems navigating his foster home. His foster mom, who has had no experience with special-needs dogs, thinks he is quite easy to care for. He is underfoot often times because he doesn't see to move himself out of the way and he likes to be close to his person.

Dudley is on a prescription diet to support his urinary tract.Dudley2

Dudley is a gorgeous-looking Havanese mix with a dark grey coat with lighter highlights. His coat is easy to take care of. A good brushing every few days does the trick. He actually likes to be brushed and bathed! 

If you are looking for a companion to spend your days with, sweet Dudley is your man.

DUDLEY is being fostered in Florida.

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Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.