Max in PA headshotHi, my name is Max! I know that is a very common name these days but I am an uncommon dog. I am 8 years old but I don’t act it. I also only weigh 8 pounds but I’m eating a lot so that may change by the time you meet me.

I live with my foster parents, four other dogs and two cats in NC. I get along well with all of the dogs even though I am the smallest. One of my main interests is irritating the big cat. I sit in “her” chair and try to lick her. I don’t bother the other cat at all. 

Max in NC 01 12 2020 croppedAs with many middle-aged guys, I have some baggage. When I get excited or agitated, I may mark in the house. For this reason, I wear a belly band. It is almost always dry so you know I am actually house trained. I go outside to potty on a regular schedule then come back in when someone calls me. I don’t have any teeth because my first family didn’t take care of them. My foster mom can tell you how to fix my meals. It is a simple routine. I eat regular kibble just like everyone else. I have a slight heart murmur, no symptoms, and I also have subluxating patellas (bad knees) but they don’t hurt or slow me down. I don’t like to be in a crate but since I am a good boy, I get to stay out with my foster brother. I have to ride in a crate in the car so I try to be quiet and not get upset. I didn’t get to go many places when I was young so I get scared easily and will shake. We are all working on this.

Now for the good things. I am cute as can be. Everyone who sees me says that. I look really good in clothes and like to be dressed up. I am very good about being brushed and groomed. I walk really nicely on a leash. I am very alert. You won’t need a security system if I have a good window to watch from. Fortunately, I am not yappy. I have a nice bark. I am friendly with everyone that I have met. I don’t take up much space. I just find a nice out of the way place to nap when I am tired. Did I mention that I am cute?

If you are interested in meeting me, please fill out the HRI adoption papers. The nice people there are looking for the best possible home for me. I hope they find someone who is home a lot because I love my people. I also hope that I get to live with another dog so I can learn the house rules quickly. If you are chosen, it may take me a few weeks to settle in but then you will know how really special I am.

MAX is being fostered in NC.

A fee will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended fee amount will be based on the dog's age, and medical and behavioral issues, if any.  A completed application is required if you are interested in adoption. Thank you for considering a rescue dog!



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