From the parents of Clydie McGregor:

Sweet Clyde was helped to the Rainbow Bridge by his loving parents because they did not want him to be in any more pain. Although it is heartbreaking, they knew it was the kindest and most loving thing they could do for Clydie now.

Clyde had a wonderful life with his Forever Family, and he will be remembered by his friends. He leaves behind his brother, Hunter, who came into HRI with him 11 years ago along with his mom and dad.

Clyde with Hunter and Diana and Mike Brooks resized

Like a Live Teddy Bear!

Clyde came into HRI along with his brother Hunter. They are very sweet brothers who lost their home, apparently due to the economy, and were on their way to a Shelter when HRI stepped in to give the owners another option.

At around 11.5 inches, Clyde is a big boy. When he's at his optimal weight (he's currently quite thin), he will probably go around 16-17 lbs, so if you're looking for a tiny Havanese to carry around, this isn't your guy. On the other hand, if you're looking for a real cuddle-bunny who will curl up for a nap with you anytime, Clyde is your guy. Any kind of attention, including grooming and baths are Clyde's idea of heaven. Clydes' foster mom likes to nap in her recliner, and he's right there on his back in her arm like a fuzzy baby, ready to share the nap.

Clyde seems to have a minimally abnormal, but charming, bite which prevented him from being a show dog, but it won't interfere with his life as a beloved pet. Due to his bite, he looks like he's always smiling! Very fitting since he's one happy guy.

Clyde and Hunter enjoy other dogs and are fitting in nicely in their foster home. They both need work on house training but readily use wee wee pads when they can't get outdoors.

Clyde and Hunter are currently being fostered in Florida and may be adopted together or separately as long as there's another small dog in the household. A donation will be requested to adopt this dog. The recommended donation amount will be based on his age, and any medical and behavioral issues. Complete the adoption application here. You will not be considered until we have a completed application.

Here's a photo of Smilin' Clyde after a bath and grooming.


Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.