eddie_leaping           RIP Sweet Eddie. You were loved so much by your family and all who knew you. 
Eddie in NY paw print RIP resized          Eddie in NY snow resized

Eddie in NY Road Trip with Karen Horne 2009 resized


Quite the Charmer!

Eddie is about a year-and-a-half of pure puppy love with the most beautiful set of eyes!

Even though he spent his life in a puppymill, he has quickly adapted to the good life, giving kisses freely and often!                                                                
Eddie enjoys a good romp in the backyard with his foster brother and getting some good scratching behind his ears and on his belly.

Eddie quickly learned the ropes of housetraining with such a great role model, and lots of treats and praise. 

eddie_sleepy Eddie's coat is growing in with fabulous marking and he melts while he is being brushed. He'll even bring you the brush - now how many dogs would do that?

Going for long walks, runs in a fenced in yard, a cushy bed to snooze on, good food and plenty of water... most dogs take these things for granted!  Eddie thinks he landed in heaven!

He is still a bit hand shy around men, but is learning they're OK too.

Eddie is hoping for a single woman that wants some close companionship and has lots of love to smother him with. He's a big boy at 20 lbs, but that's more to hug!

Eddie is currently being fostered in NY

Changing lives ... one Havanese at a time.